That Afternoon Exploring Kamakura

R is back in Japan!

My grade school friend from Michigan
came to visit Japan this month.

He used to teach English
in Hiroshima for a bit.

And this was his first time back since he left.

So he is going to be travelling around
catching up with friends...

and one of them being me! :D 


I took a day off from work
so we could go explore Kamakura!

One of my favorite places.

We got off at Kamakura Station
and decided to find a place to eat lunch.

We wandered around a bit
but it was worth it.

We discovered a
tiny Japanese restaurant called
Hisa-moto (ひさ本).

They had only counter seats.

R got the Oyako-don
and I got the Tamago-don.

So good.

Of course R being who he is,
he befriended the man sitting next to us

And soon they were sharing sake! :D

After a fun and delicious lunch
we hopped on the Enoden for Hase station.

I wanted to show R the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in (高徳院).

I'd actually never seen it before either.
Buddha looked very peaceful, if you were wondering.

We later hopped on the Enoden again.

Got off at Shichiri-ga-hama station
to hang by the beach to see the sunset.

It was the perfect place to relax
after a full day of walking.

And gosh the sunset was a stunner!

Exploring a place is always fun,
especially with friends.

But exploring a part of Japan
with my grade school friend from MI?

So surreal.
So fun.

Pretty much the best time ever!


We headed back into the city
and stopped by a small bar with live music.

R is an incredible piano player.
Seriously, he can pretty much play anything.

So of course we made him get up there to play, too!

Pretty lady singing jazz
salary men doing rock n roll.

It was a fabulous night full of music.

I loved every minute of it! x

2-10-9 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN
TEL: 0467 22 1548

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