The Baby-sitters Club Illustration

I stumbled upon this article last year.
And then again a week ago.

I really love it.

It's by artist and illustrator Yumi Sakugawa.

She writes about how Claudia Kishi from The Baby-sitters Club
was her Asian American role model growing up in the states.

(if you don't know who that the illustrations below)
(read the rest of this article here)

The Baby-sitters Club was one of my favorite series to read in grade school.

And since I grew up in the states around the same time as the illustrator
it was really interesting to read this comic article she wrote.

It made me realize that we really didn't
have a lot of famous Asian role models back then.

I had my parents.
(Forever and always.)

Also Kristi Yamaguchi.
(My family LOVES figure skating.)

And for some reason Shannon Doherty.
(I thought she was Asian but I don't think she is.)

Oh and Connie Chung.
(I was really jealous of her hair.)

But that's pretty much it.

I don't live in the states anymore
so I can't really say if things have changed.

But I'm hoping more Asians are getting out there.
Super cool and creative like Claudia Kishi.

Or maybe super cool and creative like Yumi Sakugawa.

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