March 24, 2013

The Hanami in Yoyogi Park

Yes, you heard right.

We braved the hanami crowds
and headed to Yoyogi Park this weekend!

It was a very impromptu hanami
as sakura season came quite early this year.

But I'm glad we got to do it!

Drinks, sandwiches, and snacks...perfect for hanami :D

Cherry blossoms scattered above our heads

It was a pretty chilly day
and it wasn't the perfect blue sky.

But we had a grand ole time under the pretty cherry blossoms!

And you know what?
It wasn't as crowded as I thought!

We were there from around 11am to 3pm but
there was plenty of space around us.

I guess all those rumors that Yoyogi Park
is jam packed during hanami season is a myth?

Maybe I'll make hanami with friends an annual thing :D


  1. Yoyogi Park! I used to go to university very close to Yoyogi park. :)

    Really?? I thought there would be more people there!

    1. What a great spot to go to school! You probably went often then :)

      I was really surprised, too. Granted we were there pretty early. It may have been packed after we shimmied our way over to karaoke-kan because it was so cold! hehe.

  2. I love the red strawberries and the red sneakers! :)

    PS: Maybe it wasn't crowded because it was so cold and not everybody's as brave as you are?

    1. My sister was all about red, apparently! ;D

      PS: There were actually people with camping gear boiling hot water for soup or something next to us! Maybe it'll be more crowded this weekend...?