The Lunch Break at the Park

It got so much warmer outside all of a sudden!

No chills when stepping out of the house.
No more winter stockings.

(PS: I was so happy I actually threw them all out!)
(PPS: I may regret it later but it felt good!)

So so wonderful.

Gorgeous days like this call out to me.
I feel the need to go outside and bask under the sunlight.

So...I did!!!

I made a mad dash to Shinjuku Gyoen
during my lunch break one day.

It was GREAT!!!

I love the calm and beauty of this place.
So relaxing under the sun.

You can bet once I got there
I was dragging my feet going back to the office.

Oh and the pink plum blossoms were still in bloom!

They smell really sweet.
Did you know?

I took so much time taking pictures
and sniffing all the blossoms
that I had to make another mad dash across the grass.

Running barefoot felt AMAZING!

Best lunch break ever.

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