The Oz the Great and Powerful

Went to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend!

To be honest, this movie wasn't the best.
But then again, prequels and sequels can be hard to do.

Also, I kind of got motion sickness in some parts.

But I thought the monkey and china doll were really cute.
They both had me laughing out loud!

And hey, James Franco is a hottie.
(except when he smiles...I like him brooding)

So it's worth watching if you're into movies like that :D


If you're in Japan and have a Docomo cellphone
you can buy tickets online for 800 yen!!!

Well, actually you also need 300 yen for 3D viewing
and another 100 yen is you don't already have 3D glasses.

But still that's much cheaper than the regular 1,800 yen!

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