March 29, 2013

The Surprisingly Long Sakura Season

It's been super cold and gloomy in Tokyo.
It even rained some days.

I've really missed sunny days.

But you know what?

The cold weather has kept the cherry blossoms
from hitting full bloom too soon.

And so when I walked along the river today
this is what I saw...still in bloom!

Sometimes gloomy weather is a blessing.

I'll be travelling this weekend so
I'm glad I got to see such pretty sakura
under the blue sky one last time :D


  1. This is almost prettier than the real thing itself! You really need blue sky and sunlight if you want good photos of cherry blossoms.

    Enjoy the weekend's travel. Camera's going along, I presume? ;)

    1. Amen to blue sky and sunlight! I hate to say it but seeing cherry blossoms under the gloomy gray sky can kind of be worse than no cherry blossoms at all. So sad.

      And of course (you don't even have to ask!) I had my camera with me this weekend ;D