April 11, 2013

The Flight in Two Minutes

This makes me want to hop on a plane and go somewhere.
Anywhere, really.

PS: Have you ever seen an aurora from a plane?


  1. Isn't flying awesome? I was reminded of a comedy show by Louis CK. He's rude and in your face and it's four-letter-words from start to finish, but oh man, he's funny. Fast forward to 3:55 to listen to his rant about people who complain about flying:


    PS: I haven't even seen an aurora from the ground. :(

    1. I adore Louis CK, he is so hilarious (and also the whitest mexican I've ever seen)! I completely agree though. Every time that massive piece of steel lifts away from the earth, I kind of think it's a miracle :D

      Also, (you've probably already seen it) but I love his views on social media: http://youtu.be/xSSDeesUUsU

      PS: I've never seen an aurora either...I need to make a trip that'll let me cross over the north pole during the night!