The Sunny Weekend in Yamamoto

Spring had definitely come to Yamamoto the weekend we were there.

It felt really great working under the sun. Although inside the greenhouse is like a sauna. But again, a great way to naturally lose some pounds by sweating it out. Just need to remember not to forget sunscreen next time. It was that warm outside.

So it's no wonder the flowers were starting to bloom. The fields, that were just a couple weeks ago just dirt and dead leaves, had started turning green here and there. Something very exciting about spring. Like seeing color just burst into the world. 

It's really like Robin Williams says, "Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's party!"

The sweet dogs we play with during breaks, Sakura and Shibazakura.

The parent plants are growing steadily for this summer.

All the lovely green grwoing around the greenhouse and my new boots.

My awesome mugiwara hat I borrowed for the sunny day.

Lunch was delicious soba with tororo delicious!

My fascination for greenhouse farming grows with the plants.

Parent plants aren't meant to grow strawberries so we pick the flowers.

Nothing beats taking a break and enjoying strawberries!

Done for the day...time to head to onsen!

Received the most delicious strawberries as a gift.

Pretty trees by the onsen entrance.

We could see the Zao mountains on our way pretty!

Our second day was filled with shovels, sand/dirt, and these awesome wheely things.

Found a classical CD in its case while digging...still a lot of things in the ground.

The cherry blossom that was planted last year...hope it blooms every year! x

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