The Cellphone Pictures of Okinawa

I know. I am really awesome at being lazy. Some may even say I excel at it.

Actually in my defense, I have been kind of busy lately. But I wanted to get these pictures up here all of a sudden when I went to get some of them developed during my lunch break today. My grandma has been looking forward to the pictures and since she doesn't have a computer, I developed them at Bic Camera (Did you know it's not "Big" Camera but "Bic" Camera? What does that even mean?). I also got a really cute photo album to put the pictures in.

How often do we do that lately? I know I don't as often as I used to.

Anyways, I still haven't gone through my pictures from my camera but I'm putting some up from my cellphone. Makes me want to head back down there. It was a really great trip!

Look forward to more Okinawa spam coming up later this week! :D

Bus rides in Okinawa are super expensive!

The only place in Japan where you can get root beer...yum!

We met up with our high school friend for lunch!

Sheesa at the entrance of the main street where all the tourists are, Kokusai-dori.

Love snack pineapples and Okinawan glass is so pretty!

We stumbled upon this shop where my friend sells his Nenrin brand interior goods!

Ginowan Seaside Park is a great place to relax and make flower bracelets!

We took a walk around the park before dinner on a warm and windy day.

My grandma's yard had so many tropical flowers...and I took a picture of most of them.

My grandpa used to always get us sweets at Jimmy's...this time we got a german cake!

We stopped by Shuri Castle before seeing my sister off at the aiport!

The restored Shuri Castle was gorgeous.

Grandma and I in the yard...isn't she lovely?

Even bus stops have the traditional Okinawan tiles.

My parents both came to see me off :D

Forever an ANA girl...whoop whoop!

Morning flight out of sad to go.

And headed straight to work with a pineapple sticking out of my bag. haha.

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