The Morning Rush Hour

I often hear how awful the morning commute on the train is in Tokyo.

And it's probably true. We have a whole bunch of trains and subways and most of them are super packed during rush hour in the morning. I've experienced it first hand. (Although I tend to kind of enjoy the excitement of squeeeeeeezing onto a train and not being able to breathe, while having 10+ people practically piled on top of you as the train moves at an unbelievably slow pace...!)

But we have a saying in Japan that goes "Ue-ni-wa Ue-ga Aru (上には上がある)." Not sure how to translate that in English...but it's something along the lines of "there's always a bigger fish" kind of meaning. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

And I found it in Mexico.

Spanish photographer Héctor Mediavilla took these amazing photos of the morning rush hour in the subways in Mexico. Look at that crowd! I especially like the photo below of the people trying to get off the train and the people trying to stay inside. 

Makes me glad I can walk to work :D

(via The Atlantic Cities)