The Strawberry Jam Night

What do you do when you have a pile (and when I say pile, I mean a whopping pile) of strawberries from the nicest farmers in town?

We make jam!!! :D

First, we cut the stem off and weigh the strawberries.

All you need to add to the strawberries are sugar and lemon. stir and stir and stir!

We all took turns stirring the pot so it wouldn't's harder than it looks.


It ended up being a pretty big batch since we made jam in two pots. The kitchen smelled amazing. The minute we decided it was done, we tried it out on top of yogurt. And of course, we patted ourselves on our backs because it was delicious! (hehe!)

It's really simple to make so if you ever get your hands on a bunch of strawberry, here's the recipe:

Homemade Strawberry Jam


1,400g  Strawberries
1,400g  Sugar
(or 1:1 of strawberry and sugar)
1/2  Lemon, squeezed


Cut up the strawberries.
Place in pot.

Add the sugar.
Let the strawberry and sugar
sit in the pot for 15-30 minutes.

Turn the heat on high and start to stir.
Smash a bit of the strawberry while stirring.
Once the juice from the strawberry starts to boil
turn the heat to medium and continue to stir.
Also, remove the foam.

Once it starts to thicken
add the lemon juice and mix in.
Turn the heat on high one last time.
And it's done!

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