The Gold's Gym

I never thought this day would come...but I've joined a gym!!!

That's right, a gym. And not only any old regular gym but the scariest and most unappealing gym in the world, Gold's Gym (unless your into body building, of course).

I don't even know how this happened but technically this was the most convenient gym for me. So after weighing myself and nearly falling off the chair from how high my percentage of body fat has climbed, I've started their beginners program.

Putting aside the fact that there are just too many men pumping ridiculous amounts of iron in every corner, it's actually a pretty good gym. And by good, I mean they have TV's on all their running and biking machines. Seeing as I don't have a TV at home, this is amazing. It actually motivates me to run/bike for a longer period of time because I want to see how the program ends!

Good deal, right? :D