The July Link Love

I keep on repeating myself every month.

But June was definitely the busiest month for me this year. Work was beyond hectic (in a good way...although I'm hoping 30+ hours of overtime is not an every month thing) and weekends were full of fun with friends!!!

For July, I'm hoping to relax a bit more and get back to running more often. And of course, more posts! Happy July! :D

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

- I haven't cooked or baked at all this month. Not once. But when I do, I'm making this.

- My rosemary plant is getting bigger. Want to make this cake soon.

- I sent kit-kats to my awesome friend. He made this amazing instagram video and made my day.

- Changed my morning alarm to this song.

- My fascination with British English continues. Read this and laughed out loud.

This powerful artwork by Manabu Ikeda makes you think.