The Ploughman's Sandwich

I got my hands on some Ballymaloe Country Relish last weekend!

V brought this delicious Irish relish with her when she came to visit Tokyo with her family all the way from her kitchen in Kobe. Yes, that's right, it's homemade!

I actually had to ask V how to use this relish because I've never really tried relish before. She told me it went well in a Ploughman's Sandwich. So naturally, my next question was, what exactly is a Ploughman's Sandwich?

V was nice enough to explain what kind of sandwich it was and then I went home and did what any respectable person would do. I googled it. And I found this really interesting website called All Sandwiches that actually had a recipe for a Ploughman's Sandwich!

I've been making this sandwich to take to work lately. I love it.

Ploughman's Sandwich
(adapted from All Sandwiches)


Wholewheat bread
Sliced Tomato
Cheddar cheese
Lettuce and/or greens
Ballymaloe country relish


Spread mayo on both slices of bread.

Place a slice or slices of cheese on one.
Spread the ballymaloe country relish on top of the cheese.
If you really like relish, add on the other slice of bread, too.

Top with slices of tomato and lettuce/greens.
Put them together and enjoy!