August 14, 2013

The Birthday Post

Some say it's just a number but I've come to realize that I am a person who likes celebrate birthdays. It's a pretty big deal, staying alive for a whole year.

I turned 31 today. Not sure how I feel about this yet. It's starting to become a pretty large number. I feel like I should know more and be doing more. But I do know that I'm moving forward in a direction that I feel good about. So I'm happy about that.

If I were to give advice to my next-year-self, I'd say to wear sunscreen and take a chance at things that are out of my comfort zone.

Do you have any advice? I'd love to hear! :D


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    I know what 31 is like. I lived it before. :P I always remember an old piece of "advice" a friend gave me when I was still in my early-mid twenties. After 25, the meaning of birthdays get smaller and smaller. After 30, it is all downhill. I guess that's why I don't really celebrate my birthday anymore. I do go out with friends, but I really don't expect much.

    As for advice... Why wear sunscreen? I think a nice tan is good. Be happy and don't let anyone put you down. It isn't easy but you seem like a happy person with all of your posts. Take a chance and have fun.

    I wonder what Ru has to say.

    1. Thank you, Dru!!!

      I'd have thought that for a man, their 30s are their greatest years? hehe. And as for sunscreen...I turn a couple of shades darker every summer whether I put sunscreen on or not. So since I have cancer in my family tree, I think it's about time I regularly used sunscreen :)

      "Be happy and don't let anyone put you down." Thank you for the great advice!

    2. 30s can be a man/woman's greatest years. No longer in their emotional teens. Mature so they don't do stupid things that their 20s bring. I'm not in my 40s, so who knows what awaits. I don't want to go there, but I know I will. :)

      Oh, cancer is in my family tree too, but i don't wear sunscreen unless I know I'm in the sun all day. I enjoy turning several shades darker every summer. ^^

    3. True! I have to say I do like my 30s already much more than 20s. So much drama there. haha!

      Yeah, I think a lot of people have cancer in their family. I've started to get a red rash after being in the sun lately (no doubt, due to age!) and it doesn't happen as often when I have sunscreen on. I guess my Okinawa skin has finally started getting tired of the sun. This is what happens when you work inside an office all day. *roll eyes* ;D

  2. Here's Ru! ^^

    Happy birthday! Though I am, in time-honoured African fashion, late.

    Kaori, I have only happy news. I've often read that a woman's thirties is her best decade: still young enough to be beautiful, but old enough to be wiser and more confident. Personally I think a woman's forties is her best: perhaps that youthful bloom has gone, but oh boy, can we kick butt at that age!

    So it's only going to get better.

    After your forties? Well, then you're on your way to obachanhood, and then the entire world will fear you. Start sharpening those elbows!

    May I sound like an old woman for a few seconds? Whatever you do, don't loose your joy in the world. It's a rare talent.

    The Almost-Obachan

    1. Bless you, Ru! I kind of guessed that the 30s would be wonderful. But it's good to have confirmation! haha. Thank you so much!

      I cannot wait until my kick butt age! "Don't loose your joy in the world." Great advice and one I hope to live by.

      PS: I don't think you could ever truly be an obachan, even if you wanted to be! Not while you're trekking around Tokyo on foot during this summer heat...with no parasol! *gasp!* ;D

  3. ♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♬ If it is not too late, get an ice-cream cake at Baskin Robbins!

    Cancer? Just between you and me. (Shhh). Chaga mushrooms. At Amazon here.

    1. Thank you, Tall Gary! I got to celebrate my birthday with the whole family this year. We actually DID have ice cream with the birthday cake my mom made me! ;D

  4. Wow. The whole family! Great. And a mom-made cake! (Long-gone 懐かしい for me)

    (Baskin Robbins = 31 flavors)

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