The Setouchi Triennale: Memory Bottle

I was mesmerized by these bottles.

This is an installation by Mayumi Kuri called Memory Bottle for the Setouchi Triennale 2013 on the island Ogijima. Almost 1,000 bottles are on display, all with pictures or small trinkets inside. In her interview (here in Japanese), she says that she wanted to gather memories of the local people in Ogijima so she set up a collection box, asking people to put their memories in it.

The memories include everything from badminton shuttles to train tickets to school tests. It was so fascinating seeing the various trinkets inside the bottle and imagining what kind of memory was behind it for the Ogijima people. 

I think this was my favorite installation from my day at Ogijima. Pictures, trinkets, and memories...these are (definitely!) a few of my favorite things! (Did you sing the last part like Maria?) :D

Here are some pictures:

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