The Family of Fourteen

It all started when I thought I was being clever when I thought to give Japanese children picture books translated into English as a gift to my friend's children who live in the US.

Then I realized I didn't know what books had been translated. Or where to buy them.

So I, of course, asked the internet via twitter and the lovely Ru helped me out by pushing me in the right direction. And I suddenly realized that there were actually a lot of Japanese children books that have been translated. It was fun rediscovering my childhood favorites like Guri and Gura, The Gigantic Turnip, and Swimmy (which is technically not from Japan, but it was still one of my favorites!).

Then I stumbled across The Family of Fourteen Series. It's a picture book written by Kazuo Iwamura about a family of mice and their various outings and everyday lives in the forest. Ever since his first book came out in 1983, it's been very popular in Japan and also internationally. I actually found the series translated into 8 different languages.

We had a couple of these pictures books when we were little and I absolutely LOVED them! The illustrations are works of art and there is always so much too see each of it's pages. I knew this was the perfect children's book that both my friends and their children could enjoy together so I ordered a couple of these books. But I am seriously thinking about getting myself one for my library, too!

Aren't the illustrations beautiful? x 

The Family of Fourteen on the Move

The Family of Fourteen Grow a Pumpkin

The Family of Fourteen Do Laundry (Japanese)

The Family of Fourteen Lullaby (Japanese)

*All illustrations from Doshinsha's The Family of Fourteen series webite.