September 21, 2013

The Three-Day Weekend Flowers

Who else is loving the three-day weekend?

Japan is on its second three-day weekend in a row. We had Respect for the Aged Day last Monday and this Monday is the Autumn Equinox, which is a public holiday here in Japan.

I am rarely inside my apartment, unless it's to sleep. So I don't often buy flowers, especially in the summer because my apartment gets really hot in the afternoon while I'm gone and it pretty much boils the flowers. So sad.

But three-day weekends mean more lazy mornings. So when I saw this small flower bouquet, I couldn't help myself! Aren't the pretty?

Well, whether yours is a three-day weekend or not, I hope you're enjoying it! x


  1. Loving the flowers. Very cute! They definitely brighten up any room!

    1. I like waking up to flowers on my bedside table! :D

  2. Replies
    1. I thought so, too! Perfect for fall :D