The Afternoon at Sweetgreen

Have you ever heard of sweetgreen?

I've had a big vegetarian crush on this store ever since I read about it on this blog. It's an amazing store that mainly serves delicious and healthy salads, pressed juice, and frozen yogurt. The organic produce are from local farmers, which I think is a great concept. Naturally I looked up where their stores were but found they were mostly located in the DC metro area.

So imagine how excited I was to hear that my friend E started working for them! Woohoo!

During my stay in DC, I begged E to take me to her store and I got to try their seasonal October Salad! It was a bowl full of organic mesclun & shredded kale with local apples, pears, organic basil, organic white cheddar and candied pecans, and topped off with balsamic vinaigrette. Doesn't that sound fabulous? Oh, and I got roasted tofu, too. It was so so good and surprisingly very fulfilling! 

I feel like we need more places to eat like this in Tokyo. I'm am now hooked on their salads and I'm crossing my fingers that this store makes it's way to this side of the world sometime soon. *hint hint*

Here are some pictures:

Checking out the store with this sweet girl.

Did I mention the bread? It was also amazing...yum yum!

You can get one of the salads on their menu, or you can make your own salad, too!

K and I shared a cup of frozen yogurt :D

Doesn't the salad look delicious? I could eat it every day. x

I loved their shelf full of salad greens.

This is actually a different sweetgreen and not my friend's store...but you get the idea! :D

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