The Brentwood Farmers Market in Los Angeles

I am obsessed with farmers markets.

As in, I've been reading about it everywhere in the blogsphere these days and I have been completely jealous. We have a few in Tokyo, like the farmers market in front of the United Nations University, but it's still a very new (and expensive) concept here. So as you can imagine, I was in farmers market heaven when my friend R took me to the Brentwood Farmers Market!

They had everything from flowers to hummus to soups to macarons. I could go on. They really had everything. But I was doing cartwheels over how many different fruits and vegetables were being sold in the stalls. Pomegranates, berries, plums, melons, peaches. Like I said, heaven.

And you know what? You could sample literally EVERYTHING!

It was really a glorious morning. I was full by the time we finally made it down the street. I had the best time feeling like a local Californian (in my head) who enjoys the farmers market every weekend. Isn't this the perfect way to spend Sunday morning?

All the vegetables and fruits were eye candy and I ended up taking a lot of pictures:

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