The Sick Days

Being sick really sucks.

I missed work, missed the beautiful weekend weather, missed an improtant meeting for my friend's wedding party next Saturday, and also missed having my sister over for the weekend. So that made me think that being sick really really sucks.

But then my best friend came over with homemade cream stew and shoga-yu (a ginger drink that warms up your body like no other). We call this O-mi-mai (お見舞い) in Japanese, to visit someone who is not well. And usually in Japan, when you visit someone it's considered polite to bring something with you.

Needless to say, this cheered me up quite a bit. I'm definitely feeling very lucky that I have such a good friend close by. And even though my runny nose and cough still hasn't gone away, I'm ready to start the new week at work tomorrow.

With a mask, of course. x