The Miniature Holiday Wreath

Sometimes I like to get creative.

It's rare (especially when it's so cold everyday) but I'd been seeing a couple of houses with holiday wreaths on their doors. So when I saw these holly-like plants growing in the garden, I decided to make a miniature wreath from them (inspired by these mini holiday wreaths). 

This plant is called Sarcandra glabra, which we call Sen-ryo in Japanese. It's a plant native to asia and I see them a lot in parks and gardens.

In Japan this plant has been considered a new years good luck plant for centuries. For one, the name Sen-ryo (千両) translates to thousands of ryo (ryo being the currency during the edo period), meaning wealth. The fact that the red berries grew during the new years season also factors in (red was considered a celebratory color). Many Sen-ryo plants are used in flower arrangements during the holiday season in Japan.

So I thought it was the perfect wreath to celebrate christmas slash new years. Now if only I can find a hook of some sort to put on my door so I can actually hang this wreath! :D x