The February Link Love

Happy February everyone! Are you ready for the shortest month of the year?

I don't know if I am but I'm hoping to juggle everything a lot better than I did in January. The flu was making the rounds at work and a lot of us got sick last month, which messed with our heavy work load.

But this was one of the times I was grateful that I work in a typical Japanese company. We work in teams, so even if someone suddenly isn't able to come into work, we can cover for them so the work doesn't stall during their absence. It makes missing work a lot less stressful.

 I'm guessing February will be another crazy month. But I'm excited. My office will be in a new location starting this month (need to remember to go to the correct office on Monday morning!). Also, Valentine's Day is serious business in Japan (as in my male coworkers will be expecting something from us on that day...apparently their status at home depends on it!). But nothing tops the fact that my best friend from college, who currently lives in Melbourne, will be coming to Tokyo for a visit. I can't wait to see her and her fiance :D

Will you be doing something for Valentine's Day? Or anything else exciting planned?

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see ume (plum) blossoms blooming here and there. Winter is coming to an end...FINALLY!!! I don't care how itchy my eyes get from the pollen allergies (have I mentioned that they already started itching a few weeks ago?), I can't WAIT for spring to get here. Longer days, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures...I'm counting down the days!

I hope you all are blessed with good health and have an amazing month in February! x

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

- I love instagram but this reality behind instagram made me laugh out true sometimes.

- Chalk art book covers are amazing.

- Wouldn't these heart-shaped lemons be great for valentine's day?

- Speaking of valentine's day, I think I'm making this and this. Keeping it healthy this year!

Pippi Longstocking animation film that was never made.

- Will you be watching the Olympics in Sochi? I'll be following figure skating, ski, and this guy.

- Andy Warhol's exhibition in Roppongi.

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