The Snow in Black and White

Well, it snowed AGAIN in Tokyo this weekend! (Miracles DO happen!)

So naturally, I took this to mean that I can post even more snow photos here! But just to keep things from getting stale, I decided to post black and white photos so it wouldn't just be another snow would be the black and white snow post! Ha.

I took most of these photos while walking through Shinjuku on my way to meet a friend in Shibuya. The view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was an ocean of white. How amazing is that? It's not a view we see too often in Tokyo. I also stopped by Shinjuku Gyoen and had a hard time resisting the urge to make snow angels. And you can see in one of the photos but the lake in the park had frozen over!

Don't you love how quiet it gets right after a snow fall? x

Here are some photos:

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