March 25, 2014

The Afternoon at Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

My friend M and I went to Aoyama Flower Market Tea House for lunch on the day it snowed in Tokyo. It was the perfect place to be on that cold day because this cafe is like a greenhouse. Super warm and cozy with wonderful fragrance of flowers.

M was here in Tokyo visiting her family with her fiance and his family. So you can imagine how hectic their schedule was. But the sweetheart that she is, she found some time for me. And we spent the whole afternoon talking and laughing. It was just what I needed!

M and I went to university together but it wasn't until we graduated that we started becoming really good friends. We were both saying that we couldn't remember how the friendship initially started. But now she is one of my greatest friends and I feel incredibly blessed to have such a brave and kind soul in my life.

 Isn't it interesting how friendships are born? x


  1. Next time it snows in Tokyo, that's where I'm going! :)

    1. It is seriously the best place to warm up. I was there quite often this winter ;)

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2014

    The place looks magnificent! Would definitely want to visit the cafe this summer! Do they have an English menu though?