The April Link Love

It's April, and no, I'm not fooling you at all. It's really here, how fast was that?

I have to tell you though, I am on cloud nine lately. The sun, the sky, the blossoms. I love it all. I can't even complain about the occasional sneeze or two because nothing can bring me down when spring comes around!

In addition all the spring excitement, my sisters were in town and we had a big sleepover last weekend. We went to see a movie (we saw One Chance!), did a little hanami here and there, and had a really great lazy picnic on one of the warmest days ever. It was the absolute best day for a picnic. 

April is here right as the cherry blossoms in Tokyo hit their peak blossom season. I'm looking forward to another month of fun with friends and maybe a few more moments of hanami, too. (Beware of multiple sakura posts!)

Do you have any plans for hanami? Wishing you all an amazing April! xx

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

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