The Next Trip: Kagoshima

Guess where I'm headed next month!

Yakushima has been on my destination list since forever. In my head, it's a lush mystical island. An island filled with thousand year old trees that have a million stories to tell. Oh and did I mention there's tons of moss? I really love moss. 

 Growing up next to the woods, I've always appreciated those moments when you're surrounded by nothing but trees that reach to the sky and all you hear around you is the sound of nature. The rustling of leaves, a bird here and there, the wind rushing through the path. I took it for granted back then but the state of tranquility at that moment is like none other.

So what better place is there to get back in touch with nature than Yakushima, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site? I can't wait! 

 I'm also excited to see my best friend from high school, who lives in Kagoshima. We've been wanting to take a trip to Yakushima for years but it's finally finally happening! We'll only be in Yakushima for 2 days but we're renting a car and plan on driving around and exploring the island one day and hiking in the forest the next. I'll also be in Kagoshima city for a couple days, too. Whoop whoop!

If you have any suggestions or advice, I'd love to know! xx

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