April 14, 2014

The Sakura Confetti

The cherry blossom posts keep on coming.

Most of the cherry trees have shed their pretty pink and have moved on to gorgeous green, which is beautiful in itself. But if you look at the ground under your feet, you may still see the cherry blossom petals scattered about like confetti.

Isn't this the perfect way to end the hanami party?


  1. “The perfect way to end the hanami party.” Yes!

    They must have floated down so softly.

    Not only for your foot-tickling luxurious carpets above, cherry petals can be used for other tummy-tickling things. And the leaves too. But when the fallen petals and fresh, green leaves have all been used up there are still chocolate cupcakes!

    1. Mmm! Sakura mochi is my favorite...although those sakura cupcakes are quite tempting, too! ;D

  2. Replies
    1. Merci Babzy! Hope you're having a lovely spring, too!

  3. A sakura party isn't complete until someone has a cherry blossom petal in their drink. ;)