The Golden Week Road Trip: Choshi

Have you ever been to Choshi?

It's in the northeastern part of Chiba prefecture and has an amazing view of the pacific ocean. Well, it usually does. But when we stopped by on our way back down to Chiba, it was so cloudy that we couldn't see a thing! Of course, that didn't stop us from going up to the observatory deck to take a few pictures just so we can say we were there.

I actually liked the view that we had, even if we couldn't see far.

There are also some other activities going on inside the observatory deck and we ended up working on seashell art. The project itself was fun but the older men and ladies teaching us were the real entertainment. So nice and eager to tell us their outrageous stories.

After that we took the Ken-o-do further down Chiba to drop off our baby sister at her campus. And that was the end of our short Golden Week this year. I'm hoping next year we have an even longer vacation so we can take an even longer road trip somewhere! x

Here are some photos:

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