The Traveling Sushi Bag Cover

Taking a break from all my Yakushima and Kagoshima photos, I'd like to share this hilariously wonderful suitcase cover that I've just discovered.

 The Traveling Sushi Bag Cover is made of sturdy polyester, protecting and at the same time turning your suitcase into a sushi. There are four different types of covers; Tamago (egg), Maguro (tuna), Salmon, and Ebi (shrimp). With any of these covers, you will not only be able to spot your suitcase from a mile away but you'll also have the power to instantly transform the baggage claim into a kaiten-zushi (conveyer belt sushi)!

I'd probably get with the tamago cover...what about you? :D

Produced by Omise Parco
width 425mm, depth 300mm, height 640mm
3,024 yen
*cannot be eaten
*suitcase in the photos not included in the product
(these are the actual notes that are stated on the product page!)