The Old Photos: Kobe 2009


Guess where I'm headed tonight?

I'm off to Kobe for the weekend to see my lovely friends before heading down to Imabari to spend Obon with family! I do love this city so. It's a beautiful blend of Japanese and foreign culture, due to it being one of Japan's early port cities. These pictures are from when I was there in December 2009.

There's a typhoon headed our way but I'm hoping we miraculously have great weather because I really want to go to Koshien stadium to see the high school baseball tournament that starts this weekend! I was on the baseball team in high school (as a "manager," not a player) and it's every team's dream to make it to koshien one day. I've actually never been to Koshien stadium before so this is huge. I mean, HUGE. Early morning practice, weekly practice games, handmade omamori. All of it was for that summer koshien dream, and although my high school never made it past the prefectural tournament, even to this day we still bond over those memories. (Although there have been questions lately regarding this culture.) So even though the forecast says 80% chance of rain, I'm hoping it clears up just a little for me!

We'll have to see how the typhoon feels. But whatever happens, I'm excited to be heading to Kobe! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as well! x

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