The Afternoon with the Kiddos: Part Two

There's really nothing as sweet or as loud as happy children, am I right?

Just like last year, we gathered at my coworker's house for an afternoon of fun with the kids. I could not believe how much baby L had grown! She was so tiny before! Her brother R now talks non-stop and it's the cutest thing trying to decipher what he is saying. He is a huge Mike fan (from Monsters Inc) and is very serious about operating the trains!

The twins are in fourth grade and were great "older sisters" to L and R. We spent a large part of the afternoon constructing an intricate railway system together. We had multiple trains moving in every direction and R was in charge of keeping them on track. It was quite the job, which included a lot of shouting and jumping up and down.

It's not everyday I get to spend an afternoon with so many entertaining kids all at once. I definitely had a great time. Nothing better than hearing kids giggling together. Makes me smile, too!

But I'm not going to lie...I fell fast asleep the minute I got home ;D

Here are some photos:

My coworker makes the most amazing felt art...isn't this amazing?
The twins are better at cellphone games than I am.
A miracle I was able to get this group picture!
She is so grown! I still can't get over it!
The kids watching Totoro while we got ready for lunch.
Happy railroad construction workers!
"I've been working on a railroad...all the live-long day!"
I laugh every time I see these photos, these girls are so silly! :D