The October Link Love

Heigh ho October is here!

How are you all doing? I am in a rut regarding blog posts...but on the other hand I've been quite busy with everyday life. Septermber was a blur of fun with high school friends (weddings are reunions these days) and one nomikai after another as another fiscal half-year comes to a close and company shuffles are announced.

But I am ready and excited for October because I am off to Australia at the end of the month! Yay! I haven't been there since 2003, when I went to Brisbane for a few weeks. This time I am headed to Melbourne to attend my darling friend's wedding. So so excited. I also get to stop by Singapore on my way back, which is also another country I've never been to!

Have you ever been to Melbourne or Singapore? I'd love any suggestions!

It is quite chilly in Tokyo already and I am going to have to dig out my sweaters and knits. But I do think that food always tastes better once we hit fall, something about the cold weather and warm comfort food. Oh, and don't forget all the nashi (Japanese pear), kyoho (Japanese grapes), and kaki (Japanese persimmon) favorite fall fruits! Yum!

I hope you're all enjoying all this fall deliciousness, too! xx

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

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