The Flight to Melbourne

I am finally dipping my toes into my trip to Melbourne!

Can I just start out by telling you how little I packed (by my standards) for my nine-day trip to Melbourne and Singapore? I don't even know how I pulled this off but my suitcase was so small that I could actually bring it on to the plane with me as a carry-on (although I didn't). My first time using this packing method and it really worked! Yay me!

Also, have you ever taken an international flight out of Haneda International Airport?

I've landed here before but this was my first time flying out of Haneda's International terminal (as opposed to Narita International Airport). Because there aren't as many flights scheduled there, the whole process of checking-in your luggage and going through immigration is over before you know it. It's the smoothest and quickest process ever!

But on the other hand...because people are so scarce, the inside of the terminal is quiet as a tomb. No hustle and bustle of people heading to various gates. No attendants calling out for people late to board. At times it was like a deserted airport or a very large library.

I'm not exactly sure which I like better, busy Narita or quiet Haneda.

Well, all that aside. I made it to my gate with plenty of time to spare, which is rare for me. I had time to charge my phone in preparation for the 7+ hour flight to Singapore and then the next 7+ hour flight to Melbourne, which was great. I slept through most of it and before I knew it, I was in Melbourne!

Here are some airport and airplane photos:

I'm still patting myself on the back for my small luggage (especially compared to before).
What do you usually eat as your last meal before travelling overseas?
My dinner at the airport. I usually miss rice while travelling so I got the ocha-zuke set.
This was delicious! I love ume-boshi with a passion!
My first time flying on Singapore Airlines....loved the wide seats!
Cold rainy days are the perfect time to travel miles and miles away.
Why I will always fly with Singapore Airlines when travelling in Asia Pacific...Haagen-Dazs for dessert!
I slept through the entire flight but woke up 30 minutes before landing to see this view.
Australia is HUGE!
I am always in awe of the view from an airplane window.
My hobby is to identifying the places I see...this is parts of the Greater Bendigo National  Park.
Google Map tells me the dark patches are part of the Pilchers Bridge Flora and Fauna Reserve.
This is Lake Eppalock, a man-made lake and dam built in the early 60s on Campaspe River.
I was really fascinated with this lake...I mean, look at that beautiful shape!
As much as I love to sleep on flights, I'm starting to enjoy the view from my window!
More (actual) Melbourne posts to come! x

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