December Link Love

Pressing pause for a  moment on my Melbourne photos to say hello to December!

Last month was a fun (and fast!) month filled with many friends visiting Tokyo. I got to hang out with friends from Kobe, San Francisco, and Canada (both Vancouver AND Toronto!). I have a couple of posts coming up about all that but I had a great time. I didn't have an official Thanksgiving dinner this year (thank god!) but it felt like the whole month was a big friendsgiving celebration for me!

Now December is one of my favorite months because of all the merriness that ensues (whoop!) and getting to be with family (whoop whoop!). Although it is also one of the most exhausting months because merriness ensues in the form of bonenkai and I have to travel to be with family. Not that I don't love a good bonenkai and a reason to travel. But when the bonenkai comes multiple days in a row, it can wear a girl down. And I know you've heard of the horrors of holiday travel, oh let me count the ways.

But the pros always far out way the cons, so it's all good. I am really looking forward to this season of being merry, eating nabe, and ending this year with my family in Okinawa!

What are you plans for this holiday? x

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

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