The Flight to Okinawa

My love of staring out the airplane window continues.

Before I post the Okinawa photos, I thought I'd share some from my flight there (like I did previously with Matsuyama and Melbourne). It was a morning flight. A manseki (満席, full with no vacant seats) morning flight. Which means really long lines and lots of waiting.

But it was worth it because I got to see Mt Fuji from above and let me tell you, it was magnificent! Something about the new years season that always makes me think of Mt Fuji. Maybe I was Shinto in a previous life. Anyways, as always, I took tons of photos of the view from my window.

Here are some photos:

The line to board the airplane.
The airplane in line to take-off from Haneda airport.
There's Yokohama port and Yokohama Bay Bridge.
I could already see Mt Fuji in the distance from above Yokohama.
And here we are with a closer view of Mt Fuji, flying right above Shizuoka.
It looks incredibly small AND huge at the same time...if that makes sense.
I actually spotted the path I took when I climbed to the top of Mt Fuji. Wow.
I think Mt Fuji looks even more beautiful with the snow, don't you think?
The mountains of Minami Alps National Park were also covered in snow as well.
As much as I love looking down on land...there's nothing like flying above the clouds.
I have no words for how amazing this view is.
First view of the motherland!
The ocean is so blue.
Blue ocean and green land...this is all I need to relax really.
Finally landed in Naha airport!
It is almost a 3 hour flight going there...but only a little more than 2 hours flying back to Tokyo.
And finally, you know you're in Okinawa when these orchids welcome you in the terminal :D

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