The February Link Love

Hello February!

The shortest month of the year is already here and it is going to zoom past, I fear! (That's right, I started this paragraph with a rhyme because sometimes that's how I roll.) But I'm actually looking forward to days whizzing past right into spring (officially only 47 more days to go!), aren't you?

I don't think I ever mentioned it but this year my resolution-ish goal is to do things that scare me. Not really awful things but just things that I would hesitate to do at times. Such as trying something new that I've never done before (that swimming class at the gym) or being a little aggressive (pushing for more responsibility at work).

I've come to realize that the older I get, the more cautious I become...especially in my head. So this year, because I have a feeling it's going to be a great year anyway, I'm going to try to challenge myself. (I mean, it's about time, right?) And weirdly, I am looking forward to it!

How is your 2015 going? Hope you have an amazing February! x

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