The Some No Komichi 2015 in Nakai

Local festivals are the best!

Which is why I was once again at Some No Komichi this year, celebrating the art of traditionally dyed fabric. (2013 post here.) This year I was scheduled to help out in the mornings so I invited my friend M to come out in the afternoon.

As this event showcases traditional kimono fabric, many people come wearing their own kimonos. Walking around Nakai during this event, you can almost imagine hat the old streets of Japan were like. I love it.

But for people who don't have their own to wear, the vintage kimono and goods shop Gallery Sakura provided rentals for anyone who wanted to spend a day in a kimono. They also provided experts to help you wear the kimono (because it's pretty hard putting it on your own). Isn't that great?

M and I decided that we wanted in on this kimono day, so we made reservations. There were so many different patterns and colors of kimono that it took a while to choose!

I decided to go with a hakama, which I haven't worn since my university graduation. It's half kimono but with a skirt-like wrap around your waist. It basically means you can run while wearing it (which is almost impossible in a regular kimono). M chose a beautiful vintage kimono.

We had a great time walking along the River Gallery and doing a little shopping around the Street Gallery. And with so many people with cameras ready to take a photo of the event, we had no problem finding people to take photos of us. Most of them knew how to use my camera better than I ever could. Ha.

Despite the last day of rain, an estimate of over 12,000 people came to see Some No Komichi this year. It's so exciting to watch this event grow each year and I've loved getting to know the local businesses and discovering new shops through this event. I'm already thinking about what kind of kimono I want to wear next year!

Have you been to Some No Komichi? Would you wear a kimono?

Looking forward to next year! x

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