The Yaezakura and Rooftops

And here I am again, back with more blossoms!

But don't worry, these aren't just any old sakura...they are yaezakura, the blossoms with many petals. You might remember some photos from last year from later in the season. 

This year, I happened to pass by this red entrance and see the burst of pink yaezakura blooms...and I ended up walking into the most beautiful yaezakura paradise ever!

I didn't know there were so many different kinds of yaezakura, but this temple had several varieties of them, ranging from white-ish to pink/green-ish blossoms. (I know, such technical terms!)

They were absolutely gorgeous. As much as I love regular cherry blossoms, I may be leaning more towards these full blossoms now. What about you? x

Here are some photos: 

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