The Afternoon with the Sweetest Dog Ever

I'm no dog whisperer...but I know a sweet dog when I see one!

I went over to my friend's place last weekend for a housewarming get-together. But we all ended up oohing and ahhing over the newest member of their family, Chocolat (pronounced the French way, of course!).

She is just two months old and absolutely darling, falling asleep on my feet one minute, jumping around to play the next. I nearly passed out from cuteness overload.

On my way back home, I actually looked up apartments in my neighborhood that allow pets. I even checked to see what kind of dogs were at my local pound. But I'm barely home long enough to take care of my plants, much less a real live animal. And I never ever want to be an irresponsible parent that neglects their pets. So for the time being, I'm going to have to be satisfied with being Auntie Kaori to all my friend's dogs.

Personally, I don't mind being the fun aunt that gets to spoil them at all :D

Here are some photos of Chocolat:

Do you have a dog? Or are you an auntie/uncle like me?

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