The October Link Love

Hi everyone! Gosh, it is definitely fall around here in Tokyo!

Every year I mourn the loss of summer but at the same time revel in the coziness of fall. Although I desperately yearn for the hot burning rays of summer...the hot drinks, warm sweaters and bold colors of nature that come rolling in the fall are some of my greatest loves. Fall really is gorgeous. It's kind of a conflicting time of the year for me, emotionally, when it comes to seasons. Ha.

Well, last month just flew by quick as a panther. I have a bunch of photos to share from my trip back home to Ehime, which I hadn't been to in over a year. It was good to go back and see all my relatives. I got to eat figs right off the tree...which is a dream come true for me. I LOVE figs. We also made tempura from veggies straight from my great uncle's garden. Nothing tastes as good as fresh vegetables you picked yourself. I loved getting to experience this organic lifestyle...almost wish I had more space in Tokyo to do this myself.

This month starts the second half of the fiscal year in Japan. Lots of new things to experience and work towards at work for me, which is always exciting. Personally, I have a couple of friends coming to Japan (doesn't it seem like everyone is coming to Japan these days???) so I'm really looking forward to seeing them! I think my college friend and I are going to try to eat at the university cafeteria, just for old times sake. Let's hear it for the 230 yen bowl of ramen!

What are your plans this month? I hope you're enjoying this beautiful season of harvest! x

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

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