The February Link Love

Hellooooooo February! 

That first month of the year really zooms on by, doesn't it? I am ready to take it slower this month, despite Valentine's Day baking and wedding dress fittings for my sister are already on the calendar. Hopefully the one extra day of February we have this year will make a difference!

Did I mention I still have not had the time to find a new computer. Although I was leaning toward a MacBook, I've just discovered this Dell computer and like that it has an SD card reader. Any thoughts?

This month will finally be the end of the in-house seminar I've been partaking in since September, which involves working in teams. I've been saying this to everyone but team work is just as difficult as an adult than it was in grade school. Maybe even more so because there are no teachers around to play referee. I am definitely learning the skills of keeping a team together and moving forward. (Whoever said Japanese are ubiquitously known for their teamwork needs to do their research over again!) Well...whatever happens, the big power point presentation to HR is coming up next week. Wish me luck!

What are you up to this month?

-------------------------------------------------------Link Love-------------------------------------------------------

This katakana font is awesome.

- Learn how to seek & accept help.

Offensive books need to be read.

- Love the Japanese version of this game!

This is hypnotizingly beautiful.

- BFFs from kindergarten the best!

- "We don't all look alike, until we do."

- This makes me want to go to an onsen immediately!